Preparation for online ordering

Step 1

Open your photo book located under PROJECTS in your iPhone application. Remember not to use the Buy Book button.

You have already selected the size (L or XL) and the cover (hard or soft) when creating the book.

Step 2


Click with your mouse or double tap on the brown desktop area to bring up a context menu. Select the Preview Book entry from this menu.

Step 3


The iPhoto application will assemble and prepare the ready-to-print PDF version of your book. Wait patiently for the process to be finished, it might take several minutes, depending on your computer, book size and picture quality.

Step 4


The assembled PDF comprises both the covers and the inside pages. Save it to the Desktop using Save As. This will be the file to be downloaded to our server when you order the book.

Under Lion operating system...

... the process is rather similar, with a single difference: the command has been renamed to Export. Please, make sure you only prepare and upload PDF files created this way to our server. Files created in any other way will not have covers and will not be usable for press work. An error message will warn us and the ordering process will be interrupted.




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