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 IPhoto Customer Service:

  • 16 Nagy Ignác Rd, 1055 Budapest
  • Open: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm
  • Phone: +36 1 374-0349
  • E-mail: ihbdigital [kukac] ihbdigital [dot] hu

The regional iPhoto printing service is provided by the co-operation of APCOM Ltd. and IHB Digital Ltd. for the benefit of Mac iPhoto users.

We are glad to show you sample books, take your orders personally and make it possible for you to collect the printed and bound, finished books in our Customer Service.

We can also help you improve the quality and retouch your digital pictures, assist you in composing your photo book or help you choose a style that matches the event you prepare your book for.

If you have any problems with the uploading process you can also bring the PDF file prepared on your Mac to us on any usual computer media.

iPhoto partner Apple stores:

You can collect your photo books, see sample books, ask for advice and help in these stores:

Naziv Adresa Telefon E-mail Website
@corner 1055 Budapest, Nagy Ignác u. 16. (1) 374-0086 sales [kukac] acorner [dot] hu http://www.acorner.hu
iJoe 1050 Budapest, Galamb utca 9. (70) 265-0784 ijoe [kukac] ijoe [dot] hu http://www.ijoe.hu
iStyle Mammut 1024 Budapest, Lövőház utca 2-6. (1) 453-3939 sales [kukac] istyle [dot] hu http://istyle.hu
iStyle Pest 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 36. (1) 453-3939 sales [kukac] istyle [dot] hu http://istyle.hu
iStyle Westend 1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3. (1) 453-3939 sales [kukac] istyle [dot] hu http://istyle.hu
StarKing ALLEE 1117 Budapest, Október 23. utca 8-10. (1) 883-8891 allee [kukac] starking [dot] hu http://www.starking.hu
StarKing ARÉNA 1087 Budapest, Kerepesi út 9. (1) 215-8352 arena [kukac] starking [dot] hu http://www.starking.hu
StarKing MOM 1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 53. (1) 201-1257 mom [kukac] starking [dot] hu http://www.starking.hu
StarKing PRO 1036 Budapest, Bécsi út 77-79. (1) 439-3333 webshop [kukac] starking [dot] hu http://www.starking.hu
StarKing ROSE 1026 Budapest, Gábor Áron út 74. (1) 200-1722 rose [kukac] starking [dot] hu http://www.starking.hu
XMS 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178. (1) 239-0362 info [kukac] xms [dot] hu http://www.xms.hu



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