Why can't I order the publications directly from iPhoto?

It is true that photo books can be ordered directly from iPhoto using Buy Book, but this is Apple’s own service, not available in every country, for instance, neither in Central and Eastern Europe. The co-operation of Apcom and IHB Digital provides the same high-level service like Apple but independently. As iPhoto gives you the opportunity to save your prepared photo books in PDF format, this is the file format you can upload from your Desktop rather than directly from iPhoto to our online service.

Why is it necessary to prepare my book on my own Mac in iPhoto before uploading?

The iPhoto application allows you to generate the cover and the inside pages in a PDF file in resolution and quality perfectly suitable for the press. If you simply use Save As, iPhoto saves the original photos and illustrations and this might make the resulting PDF very large, maybe even more than 1 GB. This is unnecessarily big and impractical. As the printing process uses 300 dpi resolution, iPhoto can generate the PDF accordingly if you use its Assembling Book feature. Actually, this file will be the same iPhoto would create using the single Buy Book button, so in both cases, you will end up creating and uploading identical files. These optimized PDF files usually amount to 40 to 160 MBs in size, so it is much more comfortable to upload them, still retaining the maximum printing quality.

What kind of technology and quality the books are made with?

iPhoto books are printed on HP Indigo digital offset press machines all over the world. This technology delivers offset press quality on offset paper, just like the tradition high quality press, but due to its digital nature, even in a single copy. The so-called RIP processor of the HP Indigo accepts your RGB-colored PDF files and converts them to cyan-magenta-yellow-black as required by the press. If you are interested, check out the full technical specification of these press machines.

The fine printing screen used to place the CMYK colors so that they make up you photos when viewed on the book pages can only be seen with a magnifying glass. This offset process is the only one that can print double-sided pages onto a smooth, nice-to-handle paper. HP Indigo machines can deliver or even surpass the quality of the best and finest art and picture books produced by the largest printing houses, even when printed in a single copy. This is why HP Indigo is used exclusively for iPhoto books everywhere in the world, including Hungary: to provide you with the best available, state-of-the-art technology, without any compromise.

It is important to note that there are other available technologies as well, eg. professional inkjet printing or digital photo development. Although these might slightly surpass the picture quality of the offset press, they are unable to print onto both sides of such a high quality paper that can be bound into a strong and lasting book. In consequence, when it comes to beautiful pictures in a book, HP Indigo is the leading technology today all around the globe.

Can I see a sample of your iPhoto books before I place an order?

Sure. Although our service is online, we have sample books available for inspection in every single store where you can pick up your finished books. And our colleagues in all those stores will be happy to assist you in any way you require with the ordering or delivery with the iPhoto books. IHB Digital, the company behind the online service and production has several years of experience in producing quality photobooks. Our Customer Service is located in downtown Budapest, a few blocks from the Western Railway Station (16 Nagy Ignác Rd, 1055 Budapest), open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. We are pleased to welcome you there.

Where and how can I follow my order?

You will be required to register at our webshop during your first order. You will be able to log into the site any time with your username and password and use the My Orders menu entry (only available after login) to track all your previous and current orders. The average production time is 5 workdays.

Glossy or matte cover? Lacquered internal pages?

The hard cover is protected with a silky foil that can be either glossy or matte. We usually default to the matte cover because it is elegant and less sensitive to scratches and wear. Still, the glossy version deepens and emphasizes the colors, thus you can make your choice depending on the content and the style you prefer. For the lacquer on the inside pages we charge extra. With this finish applied, the books becomes shiny and colors more vivid, also offering protection for your valuable pages. A premium service with a premium quality.

Is it possible to pay on delivery ow only in advance advance when placing the order?

That depends on your selected method of delivery. If you opted for in-store pickup at one of our many affiliated Apple stores, you will be asked to pay in advance because those store are only pickup points. If you chose our Customer Service in downtown Budapest, you can pay in cash on delivery. If you want the finished book delivered right to your door, we can only accept payment in advance.

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